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We are a community of individuals who are committed to advancing the cause of veterinary medicine in the state of Idaho.

Learn About Us

Incorporated in 1919, the IVMA is the second oldest association in the state of Idaho. The IVMA is a progressive, professional organization known for innovative leadership, social responsibility, and a deep commitment to excellence. It is responsive, courageous, and service-oriented, with both practical and realistic views of a challenging future. Above all, the IVMA’s rich history reflects the personal values, generosity, and legacy of compassion that characterizes its members and their profession.

How We Can Help


Find support and develop friendships with your colleagues through four regional chapters, by attending the annual meeting, and by serving on committees or in leadership roles.


The IVMA’s Board of Directors and lobbyist are there to protect our interests on a state level. We help monitor and take needed action on any bills that affect our profession.

Premium CE

Every year the IVMA hosts a multi-day meeting that offers high-quality continuing education for both large and small animal practitioners, and a technician-specific track.

News & Resources

The IVMA strives to keep you up to date on what is happening in the State as well as the profession. Through a bimonthly newsletter, email, facebook, and the IVMA website, we make sure you receive the latest news.

Career Center

Looking for advancement in your veterinary career? The IVMA has local employment opportunities listings, available relief veterinarians, and practices for sale in Idaho.


The IVMA Veterinarian of the Year Award has honored distinguished members since 1967.

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Membership Options

Together we can make a difference


Veterinarians residing outside the state of Idaho.

Idaho Veterinarian

A veterinarian who has graduated from a veterinary medical college, recognized and accredited by the AVMA, and who is a resident of Idaho.

New Grads & Students

Graduates from a veterinary medical college in the past two years (2020-22) or students enrolled in veterinary medical college and are an Idaho resident.

Life Member

An active IVMA member for a minimum of 15 years, over 65 years of age, submit a written request and be approved by the IVMA Board of Directors.