Infectious Disease

Infectious Disease

Idaho State Department of Agriculture Reportable and Notifiable Diseases, including directions for reporting: ISDA requires veterinarians to report many infectious diseases that affect animal industry, including livestock, horses, rabbits, and fish.

Idaho Public Health Reportable Disease List and directions for reporting: Idaho Public Health requires reports from human health professionals for a number of infectious diseases, but welcomes reports on these diseases in non-human animals too.

Many companion animal infectious diseases such as Heartworm Disease, Canine Influenza, Feline Leukemia, FIV, Bartonella, or rickettsial diseases are not mandatory to report. However, testing and collecting data on these conditions helps advance knowledge and develop best medicine. Submit a voluntary report to the IVMA for a non-mandatory or non-notifiable companion animal disease or condition hereIVMA Reporting System submission form

Data collected will be published on IVMA’s website and in the IVMA newsletter, and may be included in IVMA’s e-mail alerts. The IVMA may also pass along data to Idaho Public Health or Idaho State Department of Agriculture, if deemed relevant.

Idaho Public Health Health Alert Network (HAN): Idaho Public Health issues alerts on human health threats such as contagious and zoonotic disease outbreaks and synthetic cannabinoid drugs.

Many companion animal diseases affect humans too! Keep in mind most of these are not mandatory reportable diseases, therefore prevalence is likely underestimated. CAPC currently collects data from Idexx Laboratories and Antech Diagnostics.

Companion Animal Parasite Council (CAPC) data on infectious diseases in Idaho

Click on Idaho, then use the drop-down menus to find information on various parasitic and vector-borne diseases, such as heartworm, Lyme, feline leukemia, FIV, and roundworms. CAPC also has forecast maps for various infectious diseases.

American Heartworm Society Incidence Maps

The Pet Health Network, sponsored by Idexx, maintains regional data on rickettsial and viral diseases and heartworm disease:

Pet Health Network feline infectious disease maps (Feline Leukemia, FIV, and heartworm)

Read the IVMA’s advisory statement on Canine Influenza.

Cornell University prevalence maps for Canine Influenza Virus H3N2

Data is not included for CIV H3N8 or unverified suspected CIV cases.

CDC Information on Bartonella for Veterinarians

DVM360 Article on dangers of Bartonella to Veterinarians

Galaxy Diagnostics for Bartonella Testing

Idaho Department of Health and Welfare Rabies Incidence MapsRabies maps

Idaho Rabies Protocol for Animal Isolation, Animal Bites and Rabies Post-Exposure ProphylaxisRabies protocol

Idaho Public Health Sample and Submission Guidelines for Rabies Testing in non-human animalsRabies Testing

Idaho Department of Health and Welfare West Nile information and prevalence data

Idaho Health and Welfare reports data on West Nile Virus in humans, horses, birds, and mosquitoes.